Best Practices for Protecting Your Account

Protecting your account from fraud is one of our top priorities here at Security Bank & Trust Company.

As fraud continues to increase at an alarming rate, it is more important than ever to protect and safeguard your account. We have several preventative measures in place that can help you ensure your account is protected and prevent unnecessary loss from fraudulent activity.

Here are some recommendations to help keep your account safe.

Consumer & Business Customers

  • Examine your account statement promptly for any unauthorized signatures, alterations, incorrect dollar amounts, or any other errors.
  • Notify us immediately if you do not receive an account statement around the time you normally expect it. This could indicate an issue with your account, such as fraud or identity theft.
  • Sign up for Online Banking so that you can inspect transactions for your account daily. It’s good practice to match the check number and amount with the payee of each item to your records.
  • Enroll in our automated Alerts for Online Banking. You can set up to receive alerts by text or email concerning balance thresholds, debit transactions, as well as online security notifications.
  • Safeguard your account number, electronic access devices and blank checks. This information in the wrong hands could open your account up to fraudulent transactions.
  • You must also protect your usernames and passwords when accessing your account through your computer or mobile device. Ensure only those with authority to access your account are able.
  • Write your checks so that it prevents others from altering it without your permission. Do not leave spaces or blanks that could easily be filled in by someone else.
  • Use caution when someone requests money from you or instructs you to deposit a check they provide. Scammers may disguise themselves as people you know or trick you into conducting a transaction that leaves you responsible for covering any loss from the fraudulent transaction.

Additional Recommendations for Business Customers

  • Positive Pay is an account reconciliation service that enables you to minimize potential fraud losses associated with checks issued by your business. With Positive Pay, you can view exception items online at your convenience each morning through our E-Office login. You can verify checks for legitimacy and pay or return items electronically as needed – preventing check-based fraud before it can occur. It also provides additional protection against counterfeit or amount altered checks.
  • Use other E-Office business services such as ACH Manager and Wire Manager to eliminate checks.
  • Review your account activity regularly for any unexpected changes in cash activity or account balances.
  • When authorized signers for a business change, you must let us know immediately so that we can update your account.
  • Stay alert to any changes in how your vendors conduct business with you. Fraudsters could disguise themselves as your vendors to re-route payments.