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Security Bank and Trust Company Mortgage Loan Originator

At Security Bank and Trust Company we have the people and the tools to help make the home loan process convenient and affordable. 

Our mortgage team has the expertise to help you get the home loan that’s right for you. 


Name NMLS* ID Location
Security Bank and Trust Company 494802
Melanie Antonino 907275 Paris, TN
Andy Collins 654975 Paris, TN
Rosie Johnson 654155 Paris, TN
Deborah McCaslin 657913 Paris, TN
Barry P. McIntosh, Jr. 649612 Paris, TN
Traci Templeton 649199 Paris, TN
Leah Younger 649103 Paris, TN
Mike Daniel 542972 Union City, TN

Jennifer Clanton

Jan Crockett



Union City, TN
John Horner 542543 Union City, TN
Bradley Harris 1618870 Union City, TN
Amanda Morris 1562526 Fulton, KY
Brian Kissell 461552 Union City, TN
John Hatler 1787672 Martin, TN
Scarlet Orr 1226619 Paris, TN
Matthew Bird 457965 Union City, TN
Andy Page 424238 Martin, TN


National Mortgage Licensing System:  A federal registration system for individuals who engage in the business of residential mortgage loan origination. You may access public information about mortgage loan originators at